What is EarlyAct?

EarlyAct™ is a school-wide service club at Lynn Haven Haven Elementary School students from ages 5 to 13. It is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lynn Haven in Lynn Haven, Florida. The mission and operation of EarlyAct™ are closely linked to the ideals of Rotary and provide the foundation and natural succession into Interact.

Objectives Of EarlyAct:

The purpose of EarlyAct is to provide young students with the opportunities to participate in active citizenship in a culturally diverse democratic society within an interdependent world.

EarlyAct Partners in Character Education addresses the following objectives:

  1. The students develop committed citizenship and leadership qualities by identifying and taking responsibilities for real life problems within their school, local and global communities.

  2. The students realize the importance of respect, dignity and caring for all people by promoting good will and understanding through their active participation at school, local and community levels.

  3. The students develop high student achievement by actively participating in various projects to improve the quality of life for their school, local and global communities. They work with the sponsoring Rotary club members as facilitators, mentors and role models.

How does and EarlyAct club work?

An EarlyAct club will set up meetings through the month.  Meetings are conducted by the EarlyAct officers. Officers are selected from classes of at the school. Students will learn how to conduct meetings using parliamentary procedure under the guidance of attending faculty and Rotarian advisors. Students recognize real life problems, reason effectively and make logical connections as they select and apply appropriate solutions to those problems. Opportunities for service are created and ultimately, students improve the quality of life for their school, as well as local and global communities. All projects undertaken maybe chosen and managed by the students facilitated by the educators and Rotarian advisors.

How do you start an Earlyact club?

If a Rotary Club has an interest in sponsoring an Earlyact club, it can begin by contacting the appropriate school official, principal, or teacher to explain the program. If a school has interest in initiating an Earlyact club, they can contact their local Rotary club and ask for their sponsorship. For more information, please email The Rotary Club of Lynn Havenwww.mylynnhavenrotary@gmail.com

Club Leaders


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